Eve Egoyan Concert and Masterclass

Pianist Eve Egoyan will be in Victoria giving an Open Space concert at the Alix Goolden Performance hall January 29th 8:00. Eve specializes in new works, and will be playing Ann Southam’s Simple lines of Enquiry. (Check the music out here) Tickets 20/15

Eve will Also be giving a masterclass to students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Collegium on Thursday January 26th in Wood Hall. After hearing her on the cbc radio’s Studio Q I’m looking forward to seeing her advise and perform.

Erin’s Students: Year End Recital

Monday May 30th, 7:00-8:00, Wood Hall in the Victoria Conservatory of Music. 30 awesome performers from the age of 3.5 through 17 have been working hard all year and get to show it. I’m excited, students, as I’m sure you are too! Admission is free, but come early for a seat and to find parking (street parking only!)

M–awards; Steve Price’s new Novel; Aventa Concert

Had a great week of New Art in Victoria…

1.Bolen Books sponsored a reading of fiction shortlisted for the M Awards, (monday mag) and there to read were Jack Hogins, Matthew Hooton (my current fiction prof), Robert J. Wiersema, and John Gould (a past fiction prof of mine). Small gathering, but great readers. I look forward to wadding through their fiction this month.

2. Steven Price (also a past fiction prof of mine) debuted his new novel Into That Darkness at UVic Bookstore last Thursday. I expect it to be an interesting read as this is Steve’s first novel–he’s usually know for his poetry.

3. Yesterday Aventa premiered three works by Canadian composers: Falling–Markus Lehmann-Horn; Ask You Dance Me–James Rolfe; Fifteen Stages in the Search for Radium and Love–Tim Brady. Again, a small gathering here as well, with the audience mainly composers. Is there anyway to cross-breed audiences? Both the local lit world and music world are doing fantastic things!

Pieces in Progress

With a bit (a tiny, tiny bit) more time this year (taking less classes) I’ve been hoping to put on a concert either late this spring or early next fall. Here’s one of the pieces on the list: Rachmaninoff’s Suite #1, Fantasy for Two Pianos, played by Martha Agerich & Dario Ntaca.

Studio Mini Concerts

With a lot of students in the festival and exams this year I’ve decided to host a few Sunday mini-recitals. These give students the oppertunity to try out their pieces in performance and deadlines to work towards. The room is small, so performances spots are limited. If you’re interested ask me about signing you up!

First concert:

February 6th, Sunday, 2:00-3:00 in room 302, Victoria Conservatory of Music