Harpischord, Chair, Sheila Heti

Being done classes has meant that I have a little more time again, and though I’m looking forward to returning to work on a MFA in the fall, it’s been nice to have the morning free before slogging it out on the computer then teaching. (Always on one keyboard or the other)

A number of my students are playing J.S.Bach’s Inventions, so I cleared off the harpsichord of notes for the novel and more than a few glasses/mugs/plants. It’s just a kit, but more apartment friendly then a piano (as is the tiny pump organ beside it) and I’ve developed a weird affection for it.

I also dragged out “Darwin’s Bastards” collection by Zsuzsi Gartner because Sheila Heti has a story in it and she’s reading and being interviewed by Lee Henderson tomorrow. (Check it out here: Open Space) And yes, that is an overgrowen pitcher plant behind the book.


Eve Egoyan Concert and Masterclass

Pianist Eve Egoyan will be in Victoria giving an Open Space concert at the Alix Goolden Performance hall January 29th 8:00. Eve specializes in new works, and will be playing Ann Southam’s Simple lines of Enquiry. (Check the music out here) Tickets 20/15

Eve will Also be giving a masterclass to students of the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Collegium on Thursday January 26th in Wood Hall. After hearing her on the cbc radio’s Studio Q I’m looking forward to seeing her advise and perform.

Victoria Symphony and Miriam Toews

Two great things are happening this friday, and though I can’t do both I wish I could! Take your pick:

Victoria Symphony
May 6 at 8pm
Alix Goolden Hall

VS Principal Violist Kenji performs Jacques Hetu’s Viola Concerto in the second and final Odyssey concert of the season. Principal Guest Conductor Alain Trudel conducts this show, which also includes Adams’ Shaker Loops, Bouchard’s Exquisite Fires,
and Bolcom’s Commedia for (almost) 18th century orchestra. Join us for an evening of excellent (and slightly outside-of-the-box) modern classical music at the Alix Goolden Hall.

Munro’s Books Presents

Elizabeth Hay and Miriam Toews
Friday May 6th 7:30
Fairfield United Church
1303 Fairfield Road

M–awards; Steve Price’s new Novel; Aventa Concert

Had a great week of New Art in Victoria…

1.Bolen Books sponsored a reading of fiction shortlisted for the M Awards, (monday mag) and there to read were Jack Hogins, Matthew Hooton (my current fiction prof), Robert J. Wiersema, and John Gould (a past fiction prof of mine). Small gathering, but great readers. I look forward to wadding through their fiction this month.

2. Steven Price (also a past fiction prof of mine) debuted his new novel Into That Darkness at UVic Bookstore last Thursday. I expect it to be an interesting read as this is Steve’s first novel–he’s usually know for his poetry.

3. Yesterday Aventa premiered three works by Canadian composers: Falling–Markus Lehmann-Horn; Ask You Dance Me–James Rolfe; Fifteen Stages in the Search for Radium and Love–Tim Brady. Again, a small gathering here as well, with the audience mainly composers. Is there anyway to cross-breed audiences? Both the local lit world and music world are doing fantastic things!

VCM Faculty Concerts: Multimedia Guitars

Attended a fantastic concert yesterday at the Victoria Conservatory of Music by friends and colleagues from the guitar side of the building. My favorite work by far was Stephen Goss’s work Under Milkwood Variations, which featured narration. What made it so great (to me) was that a character or scene was set up with spoken word and then echoed by guitar. For instance, in one movement the musicians imitated clocks. More faculty concerts are on their way, come out and listen!

Readings 2

Books of the Summer:

Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen

Kilter: 55 Fictions – John Gould

Complete Stories – Flannery O’Connor

The Cello Suites – Eric Siblin

The Turning – Tim Winton

The Riders – Tim Winton

Gargoyles – Bill Gaston

Where I’m Calling From (selected stories) – Raymond Carver

Not as much reading this summer as last… possibly from the combo of 1. writing more 2. nice weather 3. television series on dvd*

*never much of a TV watcher because of commercials and the fact that I don’t have television, but the over-arching story lines in a few shows…  60min an episode x 12 episodes a season x seven seasons = I’ll just not type the total in.


Though my novel reading has been on hold since January, my short fiction addiction has had a chance to amp. Here’s the list of books I’ve read since January (not counting edits for peers, literary journals, poetry books, or readings from my Japanese Lit course.)

The Elephant Vanishes – Murakami Haruki

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman – Murakami Haruki

Fine Just the Way it is – Annie Proulx

Unaccustomed Earth – Jhumpa Lahiri

Runaway – Alice Munro

Too Much Happiness – Alice Munro

Collected Stories – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott

In Persuasion Nation – George Saunders

Black Outs – Craig Boyko

Birds of America – Lorrie Moore

Burning Chrome – William Gibson

Any suggestions to add? Planning to purchase Mark Jarman’s new book after I heard him read at Fort Cafe, as well as Bill Gaston’s short fiction works.