A visceral tale guaranteed to make you shiver, “Girl” reminds us of the truth that humans are more than blood and bone. With a surprising and perfect ending, flawless sentences throughout, and a consistently realistic tone, this short story is as vast and satisfying as a great novel. Erin Frances Fisher is a writer you will see again. – Michelle Berry, Diane Schoemperlen, and Tanis Rideout (2014 Writers’ Trust of Canada RBC Brownen Wallace Jury)

The entire story is crafted as tightly as an enduring poem, and is full of fuse-like sentences that fizz and explode in unexpected places. – John K. Samson (PRISM 49:4)

She has a knack for choosing the right word, the right metaphor, the right structure, the right line of dialogue. This prize is the literary equivalent of a warning shot over the bow of the establishment. It won’t be the last time you read her name —trust me, I’ve seen what she’s got coming next. – Matthew Hooton (The Ring)

(Apiculture) is a deceptively ambitious story, anchored with details and threaded with the bewildered hope of late childhood. I look forward to more from this writer. – Padma Viswanathan (The Malahat Review)

With gentle humour belying heart-rending scenes, this story is sweet as honey yet stings like a bee. – The Malahat Review, Malahate Lite April 2012