RBC Bronwen Wallace Finalist

UPDATE: “Girl” won the 2014 RBC Writer’s Trust Bronwen Wallace award!


Pleased to announce that my short story “Girl” is a finalist for the Writer’s Trust RBC Bronwen Wallace Emerging Writer’s Award. I’m going to Toronto in May!

You can check out what the jurors said about the story (and see the other finalists) here: Writer’s Trust

And you can read the story on iTunes here:

Erin Fisher
(Me looking writerly)


I’ll be reading at the UVic Department of Writing Faculty Reading Night with Maureen Bradley, Kevin Kerr, David Leach, Tim Lilburn, Lorna Jackson, Joan MacLeod, Lynne Van Luven, JoAnn Dionne, Connor Gaston, and Fiona Mitchell. Should be a good night!

7pm Thursday, September 26
Room A240 HSD (Human & Social Development Building)
Everyone welcome!

WR Faculty reading poster_'13_Final

The Goddess Lisa – Forthcoming Short Story

For five years I’ve been walking the same route from home to the Victoria Conservatory of Music where I teach. By the same route, I mean the same route. I’m on automatic pilot to the point of discomfort if, for some reason, I have to walk on the other side of the street.

So for five years I’ve walked over this in the Rudlin sidewalk:


photo 1

And I wrote a story. “The Goddess Lisa” will find a home with the good people of Little Fiction this Wednesday.


PRISM international 2013 Fiction Contest

I’m thrilled to learn that my short story “Last Concert – Luzon, Philippines” won first runner-up in PRISM international’s 2013 Fiction contest. The story features a constipated classical guitarist on the last concert of his first tour, a hole in a wall, some dogs, and other stuff. This year’s judge was Annabel Lyon, whose writing I admire. Check out the other winners here: THE WINNERS

In other news, I freaked myself out last night, here’s how: apparently I was staring at my lamp with only one of my eyes (??? I know. I was in bed and the other was blocked by a pillow I guess) so when I turned my light off I could see with my left eye but not my right (due to starting at the lamp) and I thought I’d burst a retina or some other awful thing. (All’s back to normal now.)

In third news, I went to Seattle and geeked it out at comicon. Here’s a shirt I bought:




And some friends I made: