Weird Bloom

This bloomed in my house yesterday. It grows on a vine that looks similar to a lipstick plant (thick juicy leaves though a little bigger) and I have no idea what it is. Two blooms like this in a hanging plant about 5 foot long.

Anyone know?

It (kind of unfortunately) smells like chicken broth, peanut butter, and bean sprouts.

Harpischord, Chair, Sheila Heti

Being done classes has meant that I have a little more time again, and though I’m looking forward to returning to work on a MFA in the fall, it’s been nice to have the morning free before slogging it out on the computer then teaching. (Always on one keyboard or the other)

A number of my students are playing J.S.Bach’s Inventions, so I cleared off the harpsichord of notes for the novel and more than a few glasses/mugs/plants. It’s just a kit, but more apartment friendly then a piano (as is the tiny pump organ beside it) and I’ve developed a weird affection for it.

I also dragged out “Darwin’s Bastards” collection by Zsuzsi Gartner because Sheila Heti has a story in it and she’s reading and being interviewed by Lee Henderson tomorrow. (Check it out here: Open Space) And yes, that is an overgrowen pitcher plant behind the book.



New addition to the big pink block; the place is close to a jungle. Gardenia, one of 250 flowering species of coffee (wikipedia) ¬†UPDATE: I’m sorry to say this good friend succumbed to spider mites recently. We’ll miss you Gardenia, your glossy leaves! You made the house smell better.¬†