Forthcoming Publication–Malahat Review

Excited to announce that my short story “Apiculture” won the fiction category of the Malahat Review’s 2012 Open Season Awards, and will be published in the Spring 2012 issue of the magazine. I wrote this piece in a UVic writing workshop with Steven Price last winter, though the story has gone through multiple overhauls since then.

The judge this year was Padma Viswanathan. Her comments can be found here: (here)

Thumbs Up!

John K Samson Comments on “Bridges”

Prism sent a few of John K Samson’s comments to John Threlfall and he passed them on to me:

Judge John K. Samson felt Fisher’s story was “crafted as tightly as an enduring poem, and is full of fuse-like sentences that fizz and explode in unexpected spots. The narrator is pleasingly unclear and unsettling; I’m still not entirely certain who or what it is, though I have some ideas about it I cherish. The slightly opaque parts of it are actually strangely inviting—it is a story that allows the reader to participate and speculate, and there is something playful about it. I guess that makes sense, as it concerns innocence and childhood. I found it remarkably original.”

UVic’s the Ring does an Article

Thanks John for putting this together, and to Matthew for his help and encouragement this year!

UVic’s The Ring says….

“Erin Fisher is $2,000 richer, thanks to her first-place win for a story originally written as a first-year assignment for the University of Victoria’s Department of Writing. Fisher, now a third-year Writing student and winner of the 2009 Cadboro Bay Book Prize for Fiction, was selected as the Grand Prize Fiction winner in the 2011 PRISM International poetry and fiction contest for her 2,500-word short story “Bridges.”

Chosen from a field of over 250 entries by this year’s fiction judge—noted songwriter and publisher John K. Samson of The Weakerthans fame—Fisher describes “Bridges” as a story about “a six-year-old girl who spends her time watching her sister, watching herself and telling stories; it’s about quietness in people, and connections.”Originally written in two weeks for a first-year writing class, “Bridges” was reworked as an entry for The Malahat Review’s 2010 Open Season Award in Fiction, where it was shortlisted as a finalist, before being redrafted and sent to PRISM. “This will be my first publication, and it is a much-needed moral boost,” says Fisher, an award-winning pianist who also teaches at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. “I’ve spent a lot of years composing music and playing music, and in order to work on writing words I had to shift part of my focus from those studies. It’s good to know both fields can complement each other.”

Fisher says she hadn’t originally planned on pursuing writing at all. “When I first started at UVic, I was thinking of finishing off a music degree in composition,” she recalls. “I took a course from Lorna Jackson to see how the structure of short stories could compare to a musical structure, and got addicted. After luring me in, the writing department showed me what to watch for in technique and craft.”

Acclaimed local author Matthew Hooton (Deloume Road) was one of Fisher’s writing instructors this year and says it has been a “humbling experience” to read her work. “I’ve found myself in the paradoxical position of trying to engage with her work in class and get out of her way at the same time,” he says. “She has a knack for choosing the right word, the right metaphor, the right structure, the right line of dialogue. This prize is the literary equivalent of a warning shot over the bow of the establishment. It won’t be the last time you read her name—trust me, I’ve seen what she’s got coming next.”

Founded in 1959, PRISM International is the oldest literary magazine in Western Canada and published some of the first works by such iconic Canadian writers as Margaret Laurence, George Bowering, Alden Nowlan and Margaret Atwood.”

Shortlisted for PRISM International

Just received an email including this:

Congratulations! You’re on PRISM international‘s 2011 Fiction Contest shortlist.

Some Game, Sarah Leipciger

Is Alive and Can Move, Kris Bertin

Squatters, Robert James Hicks

Casualties, Ayelet Tsabari

The Beauty of Dandelions, Leslie Palleson

Bridges, Erin Fisher

The Ghost, Mark Jacquemain

Porcupine, Mark Jacquemain

Invisible Friends, Janette Plantana

Halo, and, Epiphany, Janette Plantana