Letter from the East Coast

I received this letter on Bridges, a piece I submitted to the Fiddlehead. (I hope posting this doesn’t get you in trouble Jeremy!) I feel great now. =)

Hi Erin

I’m a reader at the Fiddlehead and I read your story this evening. I am not the fiction editor, and I make no decisions whatsoever as to what gets published, I just sort through the slushpile and pass on the decent stuff. The reason I’m writing to you is to say that I thought your story was amazing. I’ve never sent an e-mail like this. Being short story writer myself, I hope that you will be pleased to hear that I was incredibly impressed with your work. I just looked at your website, and I’m surprised/disappointed that you didn’t win the Malahat contest.

I might mention that the editors can take quite a while making decisions, so don’t expect to hear from them soon. Anyway, your story really made my evening, so thank you very much. If the Fiddlehead does not take it, then I’m sure you will find a home for it somewhere else soon.

Jeremy Whiston

all the best,